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This is a series of digital prints I am doing. They are scans of my drawings mixed with other content, including, pictures, screen snaps
and digital content I create. Each of these pieces is printed on HP Glossy Photo Paper, and measures 8.5"x11".
They are signed and dated by me, diberardo.
Only one copy of each will ever be printed, signed and sold.

Sorry about the copyright on each of them, this will not appear on the final piece. I just don't want my work stolen.

2020- pump it.jpg
2020- pump it
1000x794 (90Kb)
archived 2009- 01-1.jpg
archived 2009- 01-1
800x618 (119Kb)
archived 2009-01-2.jpg
archived 2009-01-2
800x618 (130Kb)
archived 2009-01-3.jpg
archived 2009-01-3
800x618 (176Kb)
archived 2009-01-4.jpg
archived 2009-01-4
800x618 (95Kb)
archived 2009-01-5.jpg
archived 2009-01-5
800x618 (86Kb)
archived 2009-01-6.jpg
archived 2009-01-6
800x618 (221Kb)
archived 2009-01-7.jpg
archived 2009-01-7
800x618 (155Kb)
archived 2009-01-8.jpg
archived 2009-01-8
800x618 (212Kb)
archived 2009-01-9.jpg
archived 2009-01-9
800x618 (170Kb)
archived 2009-1-10.jpg
archived 2009-1-10
800x618 (126Kb)
archived 2009-1-11.jpg
archived 2009-1-11
800x618 (49Kb)
archived 2009-1-12-i-love-you-season-one-.jpg
800x618 (148Kb)
archived 2009-2-01.jpg
archived 2009-2-01
800x636 (164Kb)
archived 2009-2-02.jpg
archived 2009-2-02
1000x794 (199Kb)
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