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The Artist:
the artist and painter

Style: LOL.
Themes: This and that...but more of this.
Medium: Acrylic+ on canvas/masonite.
Purpose: Paintings for your wall or the back of your closet.
Contemporary Canadian Art for Sale.

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How do you quantify emotions? How do you determine value?

My work reflects my daily life.
Things that happen to me or to those around me, or things that I find interesting, are my subject matter.
I do not plan my paintings in advance. I start with an empty surface and go from there. My pieces are very spontaneous and current in that respect.
I enjoy seeing where each piece ends up "when I call it finished".
I keep a record of my progress in numerical form (a dollar amount) on I track this price on a minute by minute basis as I'm working. Live charts and pricing can be seen here. We can look at the resulting charts and see the progess of my work and subsequently my share value.
I set the share value price once daily. It determines what I sell my paintings for. The price of my work changes every day.
Equity markets and the economy are fascinating to me and are often featured in my work. I look at my art as something that can be enjoyed as well as something that can be invested in.

By the morning of September 18 2008, money market sell orders from institutional investors totaled $0.5 trillion.
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