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May 08 2020

It has been a while! Site back up. It will be much harder to get rid of me this time.
Thanks for the interest.

Sept 07 2013


Oct 01 2012

I walk around the clouds, x everybody
And all my x got that Heat I feel like Pat Riley
Yeah, too much money, aint enough money
You know the feds listening, x what money?

April 25 2011

Nothing new

May 15 2010

Yeay! I will be at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (TOAE) this year.

My booth number is Orange 413.
Click here for a map .

July 9, 10 & 11, 2010
Nathan Phillips Square

Free Admission
Friday 10:30am-7:30pm
Saturday 10:30am-7:30pm
Sunday 10:30am-6:30pm

See you there.
Thanks TOAE!


Jan 15 2010

Added price charts section to the site. Also added, live pricing.
I'm starting to experiment with more live pricing. I'm tracking the price on a minute by minute basis. It's a little more detailed, I'm now using three decimal places. At this time I'm not sure how I'm going to use this data. I might just phase out the above daily data and move everything over to live pricing. I really like how the daily chart looks though, so it's a tough choice.
This all came about because I wanted to create intrapainting charts. I want to chart the progress of my work as it's being done. That's the other option, keep the daily data and just use live pricing for intrapainting charting.

Nov 28 2009

Added pictures of the 2009 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

<2009 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition>

Nov 27 2009

If you're a dubstep fan you do not want to miss this. A 3 hour set featuring Rusko and an excellent hour of guest mixes from Mrk 1 and Stenchman.

<Rusko - BBC 1xtra 231109>

Oct 01 2009

I'll have a piece (9142009) in the Octopus Project IX: SMALL WONDER.
October3-4, 11am-6pm both days in the Distillery Historic District,
55 MillSt., Case Goods Warehouse (Building 74), Studio 410.

<Octopus Project>

Sept 07 2009

I just added live price quotes for shares of Diberardo's art.
The current market value for shares can be viewed in chart form here.
I will update the price daily and even add annotations so you can see what's happening to affect the price.

This is very, very cool!

<charting for shares of diberardo's art>

May 05 2009
Yes! I got into the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (TOAE) this year.
Booth 118
July 10-11-12.
See you there.
Thanks TOAE!


April 05 2009
Three new paintings added to the series
God loves you
Welcome to the Global Economic Meltdown
Acrylic on canvas

11-cnqat35, 12-deep in the red-i mean purple, 14-soft blue earth eyes

<view the paintings>

Mar.21 2009
I've added a new section, Digital Art Prints.
This is a series of digital prints I am doing. They are scans of my drawings mixed with other content, including, pictures, screen snaps and digital content I create. Each of these pieces is printed on HP Glossy Photo Paper, and measures 8.5"x11".
They are signed and dated by me, diberardo.
Only one copy of each will ever be printed, signed and sold.

<view the prints>

Mar.18 2009
I've been adding HD videos to the videos section.
At this point they're short little clips of a few paintings in progess. I've also started adding my own music to them so I don't run into any copyright issues with YouTube.
I'm bored though so I might start adding more "weird" ones directly to my YouTube channel. I'll be adding content there that I will not be posting on the videos page.
Stay tuned.

<view the videos>

Feb.23 2009
View the new painting series by diberardo.

God loves you
Welcome to the Global Economic Meltdown
Acrylic on canvas

<view the paintings>

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